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Used UE4 Marketplace Products: Modular RPG Heroes Polyart by Dungeon Mason

OnlyTrueHerosDefend is my first ever created game for a GameJam with the UnrealEngine 4.
I started working on that project at thuesday the 2nd of may for the UE4 Spring GameJam with the name "the bad side of the coin".

OnlyTrueHerosDefend is a Third Person Tower Defense Game for PC
It is playable with Mouse at the moment.
You'll learn the controlls while playing.

In the Game you try to defend your base against normal bots and bad coins. The Bad Coins try to crush into your base and destroy it while the normal bots are just attacking you. Your target is to survive as much rounds as possible.


W,A,S,D = MOVE | B = Teleport to Base | Q = Special Attack | Left Mouse Button = Normal Attack


TheBadSideOfTheCoin_GameDev_FivE1.1.0.rar 75 MB

Development log


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